Yes, you can exchange your photographs of aircrafts against Aircraft Collection Credits.


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Why the AC Photographers Program ?

After the decision is taken of developing a new model, Information Collection is the first step before the design team can start work. And in this process we need pictures, a lot of pictures. Sometimes we require really specific or rare pictures. For that reason, Aircraft Collection has created the Photographers Program.

The Photographers Program is a win-win relationship between the company and aviation photographers. Our Research Team need the help of the aviation community to be able to find and collect images requested to develop the best possible replica.

By following our pictures requests on Twitter photographers will be able to register and upload their photographs in exchange for credit points. These images will be used by the Research and Design Team for the objective of developing the most realistic and precise wooden replica possible.

What's in for the photographers ?

The AC Photographer's Program

Photographer Exchange Program
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The "Aircraft Collection Photographers Program" allow photographers to exchange quality pictures for credit points that can be used to purchase AC replicas.

Some rules must be fulfilled to be eligible for this program. First, you have to register with Aircraft Collection as a Member user, before gaining a Photographers Status. If you are not a member, you can join below NOW.

Register Now as a AC Member

You are already a Member

If your current status level with Aircraft Collection is Member user, you can change your status to Photographer by filling in the form below and sending us some of your photography's for assessment. You need to be logged in first.

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