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You will find here all the information related to the tax perception for Canadian citizens, shipping fees and return policies of the company


Aircraft Collection being a company registered in Canada, it has to apply the taxes of this country on its customers. For customers of any other country, Aircraft Collection does not collect taxes. The international customer is responsible for paying the taxes that are required by their respective countries.

Taxes Table for Canadian Citizens








5 %







12 %





Prince Edward Island

5 %


10 %

15,5 %



5 %


7 %





13 %




Nova Scotia


15 %   





5 %







13 %






5 %


5 %



Newfoundland and Labrado


13 %




Northwest Territories

5 %






5 %




Quebec 5%       9.975%



Aircraft Collection Shipping Fees are calculated by the numbers of boxes that will be used to protect your purchases. We usually use a box per product to assure the necessary protection. The customer will have the choice of the Shipping Company that they prefer to use and the billing will be calculated based on these preferences.


Shipping Company



Type of Box

Cost US

FedEx economy


Asia / Europe



FedEx  economy


Canada / USA



FedEx  economy


Australia / New Zealand





Canada / USA   75

Canada Post Express


Canada / USA       



Canada Post Express


Canada / USA       



Canada Post Express Ground  Europe   75
For the protection of the customer and to reduce their shipping fees, Aircraft Collection offer those with a high volume of purchases (more than 2 boxes), to calculate their shipping fees separate of their purchase. To do so, the customer must simply click "Other choice" for (1) make the shipping fee of the actual ACTIVE ORDER without fees (2) allow Aircraft Collection to contact the shipping department for fixed procedures and fees. Aircraft Collection will then charge this amount for shipping on a separate electronic bill.


Payment Policies

All purchases have to be made by Visa, Master Card or American Express credit card only. No others ways of payment are accepted. All prices and money transactions shown on this website are in CAD$.

Order Process: From Catalog and Promotion Product

  1. When you click on the CHECK OUT button, after filling out your order form, your credit card information will be checked before a debit pre-authorisation is issued by the credit card company.
  2. An Electronic Billing Form will be sent by the Aircraft Collection sale department containing the order details, the shipping date and the exact amount to be charged on the credit card, along with the authorisation number.
  3. Aircraft Collection will debit your credit card only at the shipping date.

Order Process: Pre-Production Product

  1. can buy a product in pre-production the same way you can buy a regular product.
  2. By doing this, you assure yourself that your order will be fulfilled as soon as the production is achieved for the chosen model.
  3. Aircraft Collection cannot guarantee the date of shipping but Email Newsletters will keep you informed about the availability of planned production

* Our Server is protected against Malware and use encryption for data exchange. SSL certification has been issued by VeriSign (Symantec Trust Center) and by Visa Desjardins Optimal Payment Service.


Return Policies

Customers can always return a product to the company, in the case of a direct purchase made with the company and that it’s within 30 days of purchase. A copy of the invoice and/or the electronic transaction number is required. The customer has to justify the return request and the product must be returned in its original packaging and boxes.
If a customer returns a product for any other reason than damage to the model itself (client doesn’t like the wood, color, etc.), the customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost and any damage caused to the model during the transport.
Products bought on sale or in promotion cannot be returned to our company after 15 days following the purchase. A product bought at a reduction of 50% or more cannot be returned to our company.
On behalf of our artists and personnel, we thank you for choosing our product.


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