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Pictures and Videos from all possible sources

Our staff spend lot of time searching for the best available pictures and videos related to the airplane and space industries in the objectives to allow you to compare the model to his original.

The media that are show inside this website come from professional photographers, plane pilots,friends and over the Internet. In the measure of possible, we try to provide all the credits that are related to a medium,



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Aircraft Collection is an internationally renowned Canadian-based company which specializes in professionally crafted model airplane replicas which fulfill the highest standards in the industry for private and company aviation collectors.

Adress: P.O. Box 631, Val-Morin, Qc, Canada J0T 2R0
Phone: 1 (819) 322-1957   Fax: 1 (819) 322-3564


In the names of all our artists, to all our customers

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