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Aircraft Collection Gift Box

The Aircraft Collection Gift Box can be use in a multiple ways; it can be use by manufacturer company that use our product in their promotional package or by airline company and F.B.O. in thanks for employes that have let their mark or offered a valuable performanace during the years. It can also be use as a gift for a loving one or an aircraft enthousiat in special occasion as Birthday and Chrismas .

We can customize all our model in function of you need. Just make an inquiry by using the form aside. The Aircraft Collection Gift Box is customised for each of our product and assure the protection of the product inside. The cover box can be specially print for your company, including logo and text that you will provide us.

Here are the characteristics of our gift package;

Customised Packaging for each model

The foam package, specially design for each product, provides protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling. We have also test our packaging method agains dropping, compression and changes in temperature and humidity. The first protection shield of your product is constitute by a black/grey foam cover that protect the inside foam compartment.

The foam compartment have been cut for allow easy insertion of the product's pieces. In this example, as you can see, the foam have been cut for offer five insertion space. Because the cuts were made according to this product exlusively, they can well keep up every piece of it. In this case you got spaces for each part of this replica; the body, the two wings, the vertical fine and the base of the model with his plinth. Several parts of the model are fragile and this foam ensures the product's integrity.

Velvet protective covering for parts

The velvet mounts are designed to protect the wood from the contamination caused by either hands sweating, humidity and/or polymer contact. As the foam is a polymer, this protection is essential for assure the beauty of the wood. The velvet also offer a better adherence to the foam box.

During the packaging of the product, each piece is checked and cleaned and no marks or blemishes is found in the woods. After this cleaning, every part of the model is protected by a handmade protective jacket that will keep the beauty of the product for the rest of his travel up to your office or your home.

You are advised to keep the shrouds and the gift box. They are necessary if you wish to store or move the product. They are also necessary if, for any reasons, you want to exchange or return the product with Aircraft Collection.

Easy assembling

The model's mounting is easy and simple to realize. However, you must execute this task with caution because some pieces are fragile and easy to damage if you use too much force during assembly. You should also make sure your hands are clean and sweat-free.

After having removed from their protective envelope the body and the base of the model, you need to sit the body of the model on the base, taking care to ensure that the anchor rods are properly insert into holes planned for this purpose. When it's done, use the screw provided to you to lock the body to the base.

Then, unrap the vertical fine and gently insert the anchor rods to the holes situated at the upper back of the body. It is important not to use unnecessary force in this task.

Remember that each of the parts of the model has been verified and a montage of it has already been done to ensure that all the parts fit together perfectly. If you need to force a piece for insert it in the body of the model, it's because this piece is not at the place that is suppose to be.

As the last step, you have to insert to the body the 2 wings. Just unrap them and take the first one for gently insert it on the side of the model.

Do the same for the second one. When the 2 wings have been inserted to the body, the model will be in perfect balance and the assembling is done. Be advised that this model is a work of art and that it should therefore be carefully conserved. Please, also take the time to read the maintenance advice that will give you tips on how to preserve the beauty and the value of the product.


The Aircraft Collection Gift Box

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