2D-3D Laser Engraved Tableau

The DHC-2F MK-1 Customized 3D Tableau

Why do we make them ?

Following the growing demand of our customers to customize the model airplane that they wish to purchase by adding a registration number, logo or other special features, several tests have been undertaken on the model itself. Unfortunately, these tests have not proven that it is possible to do so without affecting the quality of the model.

Therefore the idea was born of completing the customization by a 2D - 3D Tableau. Incorporating laser cut technology replicates in an authentic way the plane itself, with the various crests and registrations that have marked its history and / or the history of its owner.

The two products are complementary, the 2D - 3D Tableau allows you to customize the model in a very specific way either as a corporate gift or to highlight a personal occasion.

How did we make them ?

The engraved wooden 2D - 3D Tableau is made possible thanks to a combination of advanced technology and the artistic talent of the creator.

Following the analysis of several photo visuals and the initial plans of the manufacturer, cutting blueprints are designed by computer graphics artists. These blueprints serve the craftsman in cutting by laser technology the various components of the 2D - 3D Tableau which will be assembled together for the final model.

Our 2D - 3D Tableaux use only the natural tones of teak or mahogany to create color, space, movement and depth. Each and every model is unique and specific to a given artist. In addition, through the process of laser cutting, you can be assured that all specific inscriptions are ultimately perfect.

The making of a 3D Wooden Engraved Tableau

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Our 3D Tableau are made only on request from our customer. You can choose from our aircraft collection (Aircraft Type) or, if the airplane you wish as model for your 3D Tableau doesn't appear in the list, crate a message for the production and insert an image of the aircraft.

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